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Building Capacity:
Putting Summer Learning to Work

Welcome to a new school year! In the last two issues, we examined summer strategies for planning and preparing for the upcoming school year and systems of professional support. The theme for this issue is Building Capacity: Putting Summer Learning to Work and builds on this summer’s learning.

In this issue, you’ll find reviews of four books that were featured in our summer learning, written by national education experts: Franklin CampbellJones, John Hattie, Julie Reed Kochannek, and Joyce Epstein. Our writers, Christie Poitra, Bryan Beverly, and Blair Anstey are seasoned educators and discuss these books from a practitioner’s point of view. In response to their ongoing work with Michigan schools, our gap specialists in ELL – Maddy Mavrogordato and Jen Paul – and our specialist in the area of students with IEPs – Jacquelyn Thompson – have decided to address the same topic from two perspectives, i.e., the challenges of diagnosing (misdiagnosing) learning problems in ELL students. MI Toolkit writer Angela Son reports on the summer MI Excel Superintendents’ Institute, and offers an article on two experts’ take on multicultural education. Finally, Ted Ransaw offers insight into using sports statistics to increase rigor, relevance and mathematics in the classroom.

We hope you enjoy this month’s issue.

Which book review interests you the most? What are some other books you plan to read this month? We'd love to hear your thoughts on  Facebook and Twitter.

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