Using Technology to Support Teaching and Learning

Technology has become a critical component of K-12 education as children increasingly come to school as digital natives. Having grown up on tablets, cell phones and personal computers, students often are more familiar with new technologies than the individuals who are striving to teach them. But whether you are tech-savvy or are still struggling to make a PowerPoint presentation, the key to student learning is effective teaching. Technology is just one more tool, albeit an important one, to enhance good teaching practice. In this month's issue, we look at the intersection of technology and learning. Dr. Jacquelyn Thompson discusses how students with IEPs and ELL students can benefit from various technologies. Angela Son, MI Toolkit reporter, covers ideas and strategies offered by MSU's College of Education Masters of Education Technology program and reports on a recent conference dealing with getting more girls involved in science, technology, arts and math (STEAM). She also highlights how two Michigan teachers approach blended learning—instruction that incorporates both classroom and technology learning.

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